We would like to offer you services provided by our company which deals with international transport and forwarding since 1999.

Let us briefly introduce our company to you.

We specialise particularly in the whole of Western Europe; however, there is no problem for us to transport your consignments also to the east. We can forward both express and full-truck consignments for reasonable contract prices and under short delivery terms.

Our vehicles are insured for an amount of up to 1,5 million EUR and they meet the standards for the operating of vehicles in international road transport. All vehicles are equipped with mobile phones and GPS, which allows us to contact the driver operatively if need be. We are authorized to transport also hazardous goods and objects in accordance with the ADR agreement.

As one of few forwarding companies, we are insured against so-called faults of the forwarding office up to an amount of 1,5 million EUR.

We hope that you will use our services. We look forward to our cooperation at a professional level.