We will transport your goods throughout Europe in short delivery times at very favourable terms. We provide transport by our own vehicles or by contract carriers. Our fleet includes all types of trucks for any kind of transported goods (transport of dangerous goods – ADR, foodstuffs, deep frozen goods or products sensitive to frost, etc.). Logistic centres are available for you on a round-the-clock basis. Trucks may be loaded at any time. Mobile and satellite connection is assured. Each separate shipment may be insured for up to 1,5  million EUR. If you have any problem, try our services. We are available for you anywhere at any time.

Consolidated Shipments

Owing to close international cooperation at a professional level, our trucks leave our partners in the Federal Republic of Germany regularly twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). Transport is organized operatively in the west-east direction. In our Rokycany branch, shipments may be discharged at any time on a 24-hour basis (shipments designated to the western part of this country), the same applies in Hodonín (shipments to the eastern part of this country and to Slovakia). This guarantees delivery of shipments in very short delivery times.

Storage and Distribution

- suchý sklad (rampy + boční nakládka)

- temperovaný (vyhřívaný) sklad

- Trockenlagerung

- Temperatur Kontrol – Lager (beheizte Lager)

We offer the possibility to store your goods (both dutiable and non-dutiable – 900 m2) according to your requirements. Records of stored goods are kept using bar codes. At request, we distribute stored goods throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Express Transport

By using the worldwide network of our business partners, we can transport consignments all over the world and provide comprehensive services related to the air transport of your goods from start to finish. We are in daily contact with the international airports in Vienna-Schwechat and Prague-Ruzyne. We provide air charters for excessive and heavy TOPEXPRES shipments. Ask us and we will give you our advice and will arrange everything for you.